Saturday, June 6, 2015

Slow Day

Well, we were going to head out to western Maryland this morning for more fishing and camping, and I'd finally convinced Pat to try out Paw Paw.

But after he made a quick run over to Bass Pro Shops for an Ugly Stick fishing rod, he realized that the brakes on the Lightning were not in good shape, at all. Since Strano hasn't linked up with Amazon for same day shipping, and he isn't willing to put crappy brake pads on the truck, even for a few days, we scrapped the idea of going out this weekend.

Take the Camaro, you say? Well, yeah, it's having some clutch issues (I think the throw-out bearing is shot, but it has needed a new clutch for a while anyway), plus we would be able to get maybe one bike in it, not both, and getting the rest of the camping stuff, plus fishing rods would be a stretch.

So, we ran over to Lowe's to finally grab some paver base for the fire pit.

Now all we need are some stones to finish it.

So, maybe I'll do some other stuff around the house this weekend. Or finally change the oil in the Camaro. Or just sleep. :) Next week's exam week, and I'm only giving one exam to a handful of students; the rest of the students in that class opted to do projects that I already graded. The six remaining anatomy students have a research paper to turn in first thing on Monday morning, and I should be able to get those graded before the seven or so astronomy students come in for the exam. That exam is multiple choice, so my grades should be pretty much done before the end of the day on Monday.

I'm ready for summer. Even though I'll have to work at least twenty days of it, it will be relaxing compared to some of the drama I've put up with during the school year. Plus, I've already blocked out three weeks at the end of July/beginning of August for a long road trip out west with my mom. We'll go to the salt flats (of course), and some places that she and dad didn't get to last time they were out there.... because, they thought, "We'll go there next time." :(

I'm ready to chill by the fire pit now, maybe with an e-book in hand, or to do anything that just takes my mind off the ugliness of the real world for a while.
English ivy creeping at the base of a maple tree in the back yard
UPDATE : I decided to clean up my bike, lube the chain and attach the bags and rack I got via Amazon earlier this week.

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