Saturday, January 7, 2017

I Come In Peace

The sickness continues. Yah. At least I was able to sell my tickets for Thursday night's Caps game, and tonight is an away one.

I have to say that I was disappointed in having to miss that game, though. Watching it on TV just isn't quite the same. I was pretty surprised that the Caps not only broke the streak, they shut out the Blue Jackets by a pretty hefty margin -- 5-0. It was almost like the Boudreau era again. 

Anyway, if you didn't already know, I was recently accepted into the Subaru Ambassador program. I guess having some notoriety and a stickered up WRX is good for something. ;) 

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I actually got word of my acceptance in a sort of roundabout way. The original "welcome" email never came through, not even to my spam folder, but I received a message on how to order swag and ambassador gear. I figured maybe I'd be getting a letter via snailmail, and since our USPS mailperson is notoriously awful, maybe I received the email before the letter.

So, I ordered some swag and gear, since I had $150 to burn up before January 1st. A week later (and after my order arrived), I still haven't received anything official from Subaru. So, I sent an inquiry.

Sure enough, there had been a glitch in the emails going out that day, and mine was among them. They resent the email, and I've since also received my "starter kit."

In the meantime, I posted up a "contest" of sorts on my Triskelion Racing Facebook page for what I billed as a winter prize pack.

While the local Maryland Subaru group had people that seemed interested, I guess it was either too complicated for them, or too much effort to post a photo. Their loss! In the end, some of my friends from Ohio were the big winners. I guess that's good for them, since they've had a lot more snow than we have in Maryland so far.

I got a lot of neat little things to give away, including some diecast Subaru vehicles (a Legacy GT, an Outback and a WRX) that will be in an upcoming prize pack, some pet-related stuff, ice scrapers (evidently a big ticket item right now) and some other stuff.

If you see me around, especially in the Subaru, say something. I will have gear to give away on the spot too. And no, I haven't coughed or sneezed on it, so it should be sickness free. :p

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