Sunday, September 20, 2015

Gotta Get Away

I'm almost at a breaking point.

Every moment of "planning time" at work seems devoted to meetings that I shouldn't be having. :|

Anyway, with all this bullshit going on, the fact that I didn't get to do anything fun last weekend weighed on me heavily. My "fun" was Monday, and when you consider the hours I spent bawling my eyes out in frustration and loss, it was hardly "fun" at all.
LEGO Black Seas Barracuda. It sat on top of my doll case for 20+ years.
LEGO Renegade Runner. It served as a stand-in for the Dawn Treader in my Chronicles of Narnia project
Besides breaking down Lego sets, I had to wrap up and protect my ethnic dolls, and also just go through both of my closets, which had been stuffed with things that weren't mine. I eventually whittled things down to personal items.
I'd actually been looking for Tracks for a few years now. Generation One Autobot.
'94 Mustang poster. I think the Bucks are going to take this for Scarlett.
Needless to say, Monday was awful. I spent too much time mired in memories, and had to follow that up with a miserable work week the next four. 
Blue crystal paperweight that belonged to dad.
Three weeks into the school year, and no one seems to be taking me at face value about grade books needing to be aligned. The chemistry teachers aren't aligned, the biology teachers aren't, the environmental science teachers aren't, the astronomy teachers aren't.....better yet, when I convene a group of content teachers together and point this out, it's all a bunch of bullshit "I can't change" crap. Why do I even bother?

I need a magic wand that actually works.

Anyway, last night, Pat said he wanted to go fishing out at Taylor's Landing. I said I'd want to go, too. If for nothing else, I just needed to get out and away.
At the end of the eastern boat ramp
My first several casts were awful. We went upstream from the twin boat ramps, and my experience was vegetation snag after snag.

After a while, I finally moved downstream of the ramps. Pat soon joined me.
Still west of the boat ramps, a spring appears from rocks
It looked like a dead crayfish, but it was actually just a shed exoskeleton.
Downstream of the boat ramps had a lot less vegetation, and more rocks. So, I still had a few snags, but now those snags were in rocks rather than in plants. 

I finally started to get nibbles, and then finally....

It was larger than either fish I caught two weeks ago, and Pat said it was bigger than the one fish he caught today
I had a few more nibbles and a few more snags after this, but never reeled in another fish. 

Pat called it quits around noon, so we went home then. However, I think we have tentative plans to go somewhere next weekend and hopefully there will be better results. :)

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