Sunday, July 26, 2015

Here We Go Again

Mom and I left the house around 9:30 this morning, after seeing Pat and Bruce off.

Hoosier Bear was chilling with an iPad and the Kindle
After a not-so-quick stop at Sheetz near Mason-Dixon Dragway, we were off for the long haul.

Our first stop was the Flight 93 Memorial.
I didn't realize that Mom had been here before, but she remarked how much had been added since she'd last visited, so it wasn't a total waste of a trip. We also saw that a bunch of construction was still going on, so next time will be different still.

A very solemn place, to be sure.

Mementos were left among the trail between the parking and the wall of names.

This used to simply be a field. It's been transformed into something more.
Wildflowers abound
From there, we trekked to a nature reserve outside Sandusky, Ohio. I'd originally wanted to get to Kelley's Island, but I was no longer sure we'd have time to get there what with the ferry ride. So, we went to the Sheldon Marsh nature reserve for a bit, then to the East Harbor state park, where we would spend the night.

So, after I made a reservation (to make sure we could get a space with RV hookups), and less than an hour later, we were situated and ready for dinner at East Harbor.

It's after 10, so I think Mom's tired. More adventures tomorrow! :)

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