Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Dog Days

It's tough being a puppy
Yah! Someone's here to see me!
I went by Mom's to drop off some things for the road trip (like Hershey bars for the s'mores that will be made), and when I got there, Bruce was outside in his gazebo. We went inside shortly thereafter, where I presented him with a toy I'd bought.
gnaw, gnaw, gnaw
Thanks, Auntie! 
Yeah, he loved it. It's a little bone with a rubber area in the middle, and you can put these rawhide disks on it, too. He managed to get one of the two disks off after two or so hours of gnawing, and Mom said he finally got the other one off this morning. Yet, he is still playing with it -- fetch, gnawing, etc. So, I will call it a huge hit.

Between the new toy and taking him outside again while we checked out how to install a new porch light on the RV and then letting him run around on his long leash, Bruce was dead tired by the time I needed to leave so I could grab dinner prior to my hockey game.
Fighting sleep, and losing
As for the hockey game.... 0-0 tie. Tough one, but we stay ahead of the Black team, in second place for now.

Less than three weeks until the road trip! :D

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