Saturday, June 20, 2015

Bruce the Spaz Dog

Pat and I drove over to Union Bridge this afternoon for a couple of hours with mom and the spaz dog. Pat hadn't met Bruce yet, and if one of the options mom and I were going to consider for Bruce during our road trip was to leave him with Pat, we had to make sure that the puppy didn't have a problem with him.

Yeah, I think Pat and Bruce will get along just fine. The puppy was ecstatic about another person to play with. We actually wore him out.

After a little nap, he started playing with his plastic bottle (gotta love "cheap toys"), then we took him outside for a quick potty stop in his "gazebo."
Is that a bottle?

Why, yes, I will play with your trash

When we went to leave, mom put him on a leash, and let him run around in the yard a little bit. He was overjoyed at that. What a goofy little dog.

I think he'll sleep well tonight. :)

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