Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Quick Visit with Bruce (and Mom)

I swung by Mom's house this afternoon for a quick visit and to finally drop off the orchid I'd picked up for Mother's day. Of course, that meant almost two hours of non-stop Bruce action.

Ready for action!
Bruce looking pathetic, in other words, "Give me attention!"
Bruce doing his best cat impression, playing with a piece of rag on a string.

This puppy rarely stays still, especially if he sees a camera on him.
For those who don't know, Bruce is a four month old Silky Terrier puppy that was gifted to my mom, on the condition that she take him to shows. This was one of her friend's ways of making sure she got out of the house after dad's passing.

Speaking of getting out of the house, we did spend some time on the RV to see what is there so that I know what I would need to bring for myself, plus to check out the size of the refrigerator and storage areas. Of course the first thing I see brings me nearly to tears.

It's a Father's Day card that I gave to Dad in 2013, the last year they were still able to drive around in the RV, and before the pulmonary fibrosis had fully taken root and ruined everything. They both loved the card so much that Mom framed it and it's the only decoration in the RV. When I think about it, it's hung so that he could see it from the bed he used.

[gathers composure...., wipes tears from eyes....]

So, we're both pretty psyched for the trip. I picked up a new atlas to look through, but the gist of it looks like I-90 out and I-80 back. There will be side trips on US30 and state roads, but that's the main route. Some must stops are Little Bighorn, Devil's Tower, the Bonneville Salt Flats, and the Spiral Jetty, but beyond that, we're still narrowing it down. We are figuring on two and a half weeks. It's going to be great, though I know we're both going to be thinking about one person who we will both be fiercely wishing was with us.

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