Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Year

Yeah, I've been bad about updating. So many things going on... I should have done my writeup on my Nationals trip, but I was pretty disappointed in how I did, so I never really got around to it. Maybe this weekend, since it's too cold to do much else.

It's four days into 2014, and I figured I'd share some of my "resolutions." I'm not quite sure why a new calendar year always seems to be a good time to try to change things -- I know I've made mid-year resolutions before, and actually stuck with them better than any "new year's" ones. Anyway, here we go.
  • Journaling more. I used to write in a journal a lot. Not daily, but routinely enough that I filled up seven or so journals over the years. I started back in 1987, but stopped in recent years. I need to pick it back up, and not just in the journal, but also here, since blogging is a kind of journal. So, I guess this post is a start on this resolution, eh?
  • Procrastinate less. I'm really bad at procrastinating, and not just with stuff for work. My propensity for putting things off just cost me a lot of money all at once, and that's not acceptable. If I had just taken the time to get something looked at on my black Camaro when I first started hearing it, I wouldn't be installing a new differential and gear set in it now. I know I'll never stop procrastinating altogether, but I need to consider the consequences better.
  • I'm not exactly sure how to phrase this one, but essentially, I want to take more risks with my fun stuff. I need to push the boundaries of my comfort zone in order to improve, both with hockey and with autocross. I hate skating backwards, and I'm not very confident with stopping near the boards, and both of these things hurt me on the ice in the long run. In autocross, I need to just stop worrying so much about the car, and as Chris always said, "Just fucking drive." 
  • Wander more. There is so much to see out there, even close by. 
 So, there you have it. We'll see how successful I am. :)

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