Saturday, March 30, 2013


Well, I have been felt like I've been backed into a corner long enough. I asked to switch places with the department's new guy on the involuntary transfer list.

No matter what else happens, I will be at a new school next year. Of course, I'd rather it be one of my own choosing, hence I've been sending out the applications and such since I made the decision. Hopefully, the chemistry certification helps.

In the meantime, I was asked by the MCPS STE department to join them at the NSTA National Conference next month, in San Antonio, TX. A day after I'm being told -- yet again -- that I'm essentially a bad teacher and that I don't do enough for my students, I receive an email thanking me for my work with the STE Leadership Program and asking if I'd like to join them at the conference, expenses paid.

I actually shed a few tears, I was so happy to receive recognition for something positive.

It unfortunately conflicts with the county's job fair, but I think I will send out my resume to various resource teachers with a cover letter explaining my absence from the job fair.

My fingers are crossed.

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