Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Double Clutch : The Initial Impression

So, I just had the Competition Clutch flywheel and clutch kit installed today at IAG Performance, then got to drive home through moderate rush hour traffic in the Baltimore area for the initial break in.

First off, the flywheel is their lightweight steel flywheel, and the clutch kit is their Street Series 2100 stage 2 package with a carbon kevlar clutch disk. I should have some pictures of the install later.

My very first impression upon getting in the car and starting it was, "Wow. This is going to be so much better in traffic." The clutch pedal is definitely softer now with this setup, though nowhere near the wet sponge of a stock clutch. It was so very different from what I'd been used to that it took almost all 35+ miles home to get used to the feel. The engagement point is close to the floor (which I, personally, like), and not nearly as abrupt, though that is likely at least partially due to the softer clutch pedal. The clutch had been very "on/off," to the point where even I regularly stalled it when I wasn't paying 100% attention to starting off from a stop (ask the MAIC guys at the last Howard County meet! I stalled it when we went to leave our initial meet point to head over to Fuddruckers!).

So, right now, my impression is this : the Competition Clutch is more streetable, especially in any kind of stop-and-go/rush hour traffic. It is less grabby, and therefore easier to engage without stalling the car at low (read : "non-ProSolo start") RPM.

There will be a more thorough review after the first competition with the car. 

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