Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Clutch Performance

In between playing in the women's rec hockey league at Kettler Capitals Iceplex and trying to find a new teaching position, I am still playing with the cars, at least on occasion. After another control arm failure at the first Washington DC SCCA event (the practice event), and a rush job to finish the fix, I did finish first in L1 at the DC ProSolo back in April, and third in the Ladies Challenge.

best set of runs at the DC Pro

I've acquired a new codriver in Heyward Wagner (yes, that Heyward Wagner) and while the initial plan was to both drive ESP, I switched to L1 at the last minute because of the fear the WRX would break again. We figured we had a better chance of both of us getting competitive rides (if necessary) if we were not both in ESP open. So, I had Adam George's ESP Mustang (formerly Sam Strano's Mustang), and Heyward had Pat Griffith's ESP Camaro ("Barney") as backups. Fortunately, we didn't need them, and the WRX also was used by ESP winner Sam Krauss to go three rounds deep in the Super Challenge.

Sam loses to eventual Challenge winner, Michael Fineberg

Heyward's best set of runs

So, today, I'm using a day of my summer vacation to wait in the IAG Performance showroom while I have a new Competition Clutch flywheel and clutch installed. This is a new product that is supposed to be comparable to the ACT Streetlite series that is currently in the car. I will be posting up impressions and reviews as I break it in and drive it across the country and at the Packwood ProSolo at the beginning of July. Greg McCance will be codriving with me there, so he will hopefully be able to give additional feedback. He also has an ACT set in his ESP WRX, so it will be a good comparison.

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