Saturday, January 14, 2012


For the first time in probably 3-4 years that I'm actually been eagerly awaiting the first autocross of the year, rather than trying to think of reasons to avoid going to events. I have conscientiously tried to cut out a lot of the toxic elements of my life over the last few months, after a stunning exhibit of just how horrible some people can be at the Toledo National Tour last year. The effort has rewarded me with some of my best driving in years, my first Nationals trophy in open class, as well this exciting anticipation of the new season. :)

Right now, I'm just waiting on some parts to come in for the WRX, and then it'll be going in for a tuning session at IAG Performance at the end of February. The parts I'll definitely be adding include :
The "most likely will be done" list includes :
  • lightweight battery
  • GroupN motor mounts
  • slotted brake rotors
  • master cylinder brace
The "possibly will be done" would be a wingless trunk, if I can find one, and then if I do, maybe have IAG construct a spoiler for downforce.

Of course, I've already added several pieces to the suspension, compliments of TurnInConcepts, and those will undoubtedly make a huge difference for next season in and of themselves. The front control arm, rear (FCAR) bushings, and the front and rear trailing arm bushings have already proven themselves to me, and adding the lateral link bushings will hopefully just be the icing on the cake there. :) The rest of the "definites" are some power-adding mods, mainly due to me driving Pat's Camaro and realizing just how much torque and power that car has -- and knowing that Madarash's car is on par with it.

All of this, while waiting to hear if WDCR-SCCA will be having space at this year's Washington Auto Show... hopefully, I'll hear something in the next day or so, since the car would have to be at the Convention Center next Sunday in order to be displayed.

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