Monday, June 21, 2010

Cool Down Laps

The 2010 SCCA ProSolo series visited the Washington, DC area this past weekend, and as usual, I was there. My not-so-trusty WRX and my codriver Gabe decided to take on ESP as a cohesive team this year, instead of me running ladies class.

I'll post a full writeup later -- obviously, I've been lacking in the "make a blog post" bit lately -- but to make a long story short, it was a carnage-filled weekend for too many folks. Starting with Jay Storm's FSP Impreza during the practice starts on Friday, through McCance's scare with some blown hoses on his WRX on Saturday and then the Kozlak's Solstice GXP going into limp mode on Sunday, I could only pray I might get through the weekend unscathed.

No such luck. As Gabe came off his final run of the heat on Sunday, he found the car stuck in second gear. :(

In the end, I finished in the third and final trophy spot in ESP. The car's at IAG right now for diagnosis, and hopefully repair.


  1. Yea, lots of folks blew their stuff up that weekend. The Orange WRX lost ignition or fuel while on track and we pushed it off, the Blue/Green 2.5 RS blew up it's transmission (not a good day for Subaru =P) and they just barely got it back in time for the final day, Franklin Dam shredded his diff housing connections and DNF'ed the last of his runs Sunday and I torched my trans mount, vibrating the whole way home.

  2. Jim, McCance's car blew an intercooler hose on the run it needed to be pushed off. In the end, though, it also blew the turbo, and in turn, the motor. He did a motor transplant before the Finger Lakes Tour.

    As for the FSP Impreza, yeah, Jay and Ed are getting *really* good at that transmission swap thing. Better than McCance, even.