Monday, April 20, 2009

Now or Never

"The Caps Need a Win in New York" is the top headline on the Capitals web page as I write this.

I guess Captain Obvious is the web developer of the day.

"We have to try something new. Maybe we have to go even more to the net. I mean more traffic, get rebounds and those kinds of things," was what Nicklas Backstrom had to say after the loss in game two.

I'm trying not to be sarcastic here, but it's been pretty evident that driving to the net and getting rebounds by being in the crease has been lacking in the first two playoff games, as well as most of the last part of the season. Even Brian Pothier sees it. "If we REALLY want to score, we've got to get to the net and bang in a rebound or two, that's really what it comes down to for us," he was quoted as saying in the DC Sports Bog.

The good thing at this point is that rallying from a 2-0 series deficit is something this Capitals team can do. This team has broken or tied so many franchise records this year, very little seems beyond them. They just need to follow through on what they know already they need to do.

Otherwise, let the mass hysteria begin.

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