Monday, February 9, 2009

in a daze...

Wow. Could the difference between Thursday night against the Kings and Saturday night against the Panthers be any greater?

I mean, I know the six of us had hit the Caps on Tap bar tour on Saturday (seven bars in three hours, this time) after spending time at the auto show earlier, but it didn't take much to see that the attitude was different, and more than anything else, the penalty kill was on Saturday night.

Thank our lucky stars it was, too. I'm still not convinced Shaone Morrisonn's hit deserved the major status and game misconduct he was awarded, but that's what was doled out, and that's what the Caps had to kill. And "kill" they did. Wow. Green with the short-handed, empty-netter. Laich without an injury. We stood nearly the entire time. And it was a thing of beauty.

Maybe the penalty killers have had their time in the shadows. Maybe now, they will shine.

In the meantime, I am still shocked over all the people who actually were taking pictures of my car, or taking pictures with my car. I mean... it's just a stock WRX, for crying out loud. With magnetics... not even real vinyl on it!

I met a ton of people during the three days (Thursday, and then part of Saturday and part of Sunday) that I was present, and it was fun to talk to some of them. To the parents who can't (or won't) control their kids, and let them run wild so that those of us in the area had to ask them (or yell at them, in some cases) to get out of the formula cars.... you really should have invested that entrance fee in a babysitter. Some of those parents are lucky they didn't end up paying for an accidentally discharged fire system, which would have made a baby sitter seem cheap.

The auto show, as usual, didn't appeal much to me personally, even though I had an exhibitor's pass this time. Yeah, GM had a ZR1 and two concept Camaros there, as well as a concept Solstice roadster, and I was like, "yawn." The only car I deigned to sit in was the Saturn Sky, and that was only for a moment. Pat did sit in a Pontiac G8; I didn't know he had been thinking about a G8 or used GTO for a daily driver.

Probably the only cars I was mildly interested in, besides the Sky Redline, were the Ford GT (only 'cause I'd driven that one), and the Fiskers were kinda cool too. The Subaru rep was a douche towards me, and if that had been my only or one of a few instances of interacting with Subaru salesmen or representatives, that would have totally turned me off of their cars. The guy could give me zero information on the STI, much less when a new model would come out. He was very standoffish after I answered his, "Are you with a dealer?" question with a, "No" (he'd seen my exhibitor pass on Thursday, and I guess he thought I was one of the dealers at first). After that, he acted like he didn't want to talk to me at all. I got more decent conversation from Gordon over at the AMG Mercedes display, who was more than eager to talk to me about performance Mercedes.

I just hope that next year, if Ian lets me bring one of my cars back, it will be a real ESP car. No, the car just had ESP magnetics on it this time around. We'll see what 2009 brings for the Camaro and the Subaru. The Camaro's buildday is just around the corner, after all....

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  1. Sucks the Subaru Salesman was a douche! How can you have someone at the car show that doesn't know much about the cars themselves???

    Going to buy an AMG Mercedes?? lol just playing.

    I hope that I get my moneys worth this Thursday at the Baltimore Auto Show. Wait I am going with my dad (father/son thing) and it's going to be free since he is paying and he's driving too! :)