Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Working on the WRX

The WRX needs a front wheel bearing, but I'd been driving it to and from work because the clutch issues in the Camaro were even worse. Then, I get a check engine light in the WRX, and the code reader tells me P0031, Heater Control Circuit Low. An oxygen sensor. Joy.

So, I order one up on Amazon, and after reviewing some information online, I go to replace it this morning.
Oh, look, part of my fender liner is still there
I found the fender liner trim, removed one of the remaining snap connectors that held it in place and rotated it out of the way.
Hello, Mr. Oxygen Sensor!
So, it was actually impossible to get the oxygen sensor socket onto the sensor from this position. In fact, it seems the only way to get such a socket to work would be to remove the subframe or cut part of the fender well. Yeah, forget that.

One of the videos I'd looked at suggested using locking pliers (Vise Grips), but I don't have any, and I didn't want to dig through Pat's tools to find some. So, when Pat came home, I bought two pliers (a large one and a medium one). However, before I could try them out, Pat wanted to drop off the car at Induktion so that he could go fishing before any of the impending thunderstorms hit.

Since I had a wheel off and a set of new front brake pads, I did decide to just go ahead and replace them. The passenger side was certainly worn more than the driver side, and the back pad on the passenger side was worst of all. Strange.

I can't recommend this brake tool enough, though.

It compresses the pistons so easily. Anyone who does their own brakes should talk to Pat about getting one.

Once I get the WRX back, the next thing on the list is dropping the Green Terror off for some work. I put the new tires on it yesterday, but the clutch issue is really getting old. Among other things, I also need to change the oil in that car, and I'm worried that driving it up on the ramps will be a disaster if the clutch engages at the wrong time.

Oh, the joys of automobile ownership.

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