Monday, June 24, 2013

A Lull in the Action

I haven't been doing much autocross so far this year. In fact, I've only done three events, and only two of those were in my own car. I've been more concerned with getting a new job, which I finally succeeded in doing. I'll be starting at Northwood High School in the fall.

As for autocross, I've been on summer break for a week, and I'm already starting to think about the upcoming Packwood ProSolo. On the heels of what was a decent finish at the DC ProSolo, where I managed to hang on to third in class only because I have a really good car, I wonder if I should bother, especially if there isn't anyone running ESP there. I'm hoping Kit Gauthier and Dennis Healy come out, but whether we make a class will likely depend on if Greg McCance makes the trip up from San Diego.

My best runs from the DC ProSolo

I'm still smarting from losing to Adam George at that event.... and I'm concerned that he may actually have figured something out about driving the Mustang. This is a concern because we have a bet going for the rest of the season. If I beat him, he has to drive the Mustang with Capitals decor. If he beats me, I've got to sully my WRX with Penguins stuff. 

It should be interesting, if nothing else!