Monday, March 2, 2009

In Like A Lion...

Wow. March sure came in with a bang this year.

While I got to sleep in, I also got to make the first moves towards prepping a car for this year, as I made the trek over to IAG Performance in Westminster for a meeting with the owner about this year's sponsorship. I came in with an open mind, knowing that all aspects of the automotive industry have been feeling the effects of the downward economic spiral.

The first thing JJ wanted to know was what all was entailed in a move from D-stock to E-street prepared, so I had in hand a printout of the SCCA ruleset with everything allowed, and we went through it, piece by piece. As we did so, he scribbled down notes to himself with regards to parts and vendors he could talk to. At one point, we went back out to the showroom to look at wheels, and to get some weights on the wheels, so we could compare them to the weights on the rims I have been using.

In the end, it looks like the WRX will be in ESP for 2009, though, like 2008, not right away. I'm also in talks with Vorshlag Motorsports for some AST-coilovers, while waiting to see what the final input from IAG is. Should be an interesting season, as the Camaro drivers will hopefully not realize what hit them.

And then I can spend 2010 prepping the Camaro. ;)

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